Turn your guarantee up to 10!!!

New extended Valliant guarantees for your benefit!

Being an Advance Valliant installer, we can get you even better guarantees. With us, you’ll be able to benefit from a ten-year guarantee on the ecoTEC exclusive with Green iQ and the ecoTEC plus, when they’re installed with the new Vaillant Boiler Protection Kit and registered on Advance by our office staff. What’s more, Valliant’s ecoTEC pro and ecoFIT pure boilers now come with a 7 year guarantee when registered on Advance too!


What’s included in the kit?

Each Boiler Protection Kit includes a high quality, brass dirt separator with an external magnet and comes with a system water test kit. The kit is for use on domestic boilers only.

  • 22mm version suitable for Vaillant boilers with heating output 14-27kW
  • 28mm version suitable for Vaillant boilers with heating output 28-45kW

Offer available till 1st August 2018


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Shower Refurbishment with Urinal and Basin in Dartford

We recently completed a Shower refurbishment with urinal and basin in Dartford. We are very pleased to say the customers are very happy with the end result and will definitely recommended us to friends.




















Call us on 01322 227001 for more information.


Crazy towel rail pipework

We do see some crazy plumbing out there on a daily basis!

How would you like your towel rail piped up like this ?

If its not pretty plumbing we don’t like it  and we’ll keep posting all this rubbish to show you how not to do it.


Bathroom Refurbishment Bexley

We recently completed a full bathroom refurbishment in Bexley.

We are very pleased to say the customers are very happy with the end result  and have already recommended us to friends.

BEFORE- Bathroom refurbishment Bexley

The knock through













We are regularly asked the question, do we keep the separate toilet and bathroom or knock into one room?

Each to their own is the answer and completely dependent on your family set up and whether the dimensions of the room will allow you to maximise the extra space generated by knocking the partition down.

Knocking it though as we did on this job does open the whole room up to the possibility of bath and separate shower enclosure, which is lovely to have.

The only compromise is waiting for someone to get out of the shower when you need a pee!

This is not the first time we’ve carried out a bathroom refurbishment in Bexley village where we knock the toilet into one room.

We have also done it many times in Bromley, Sidcup and Dartford.

Vario Pro under floor heating












Personally i think this job is a great example of how you can do the knock through, fit separate bath and shower in without making the room look over crowded.

In this case the customer had plenty of input with tile choice and layout.

We just use your ideas and point you in the right direction to ensure your ideas will work on a practical level before diving in.

At the planning stage  we can give you as little or as much help as you require with bathroom design.

Either Jon or Steve, will take responsibility for the smooth running of your bathroom project along side our friendly Cloverleaf office staff.

Give us a try, you wont be disappointed.

AFTER – Bathroom Refurbishment Bexley.

800 X 800 mm Shower enclosure

Commercial Boiler Installation Surbiton

We were asked by Surbiton school for girls to design a new commercial boiler Installation for their science block.

This job wasn’t without its challenges!

The main one being, how on earth do you get a person in such a tight space to remove the  decrepit boiler in the first place?!

With a lot of blood sweat and tears that’s how.

Ben  managed to wedge him self into the plant room and break down the existing floor standing commercial boiler into sections.

and remove in manageable pieces.

We then used a Vaillant Ecotec 120KW in conjunction with a high performance plate heat exchanger and trusted Grundfos Magna pumps for circulation.

The plate heat exchanger prevents any debris from the aging radiator system entering the boiler circuit.

This is a configuration we use regularly for our church and school work and provides the client with reliability and longevity of the new boilers.

Upgrading to a  condensing boiler system along with up to date controls in a commercial premises

pays for its self very quickly!


The gas saving is nearly always 30 percent or more and the environmental impact from the exhaust emissions is also night and day from a 30 year old boiler to a modern condensing boiler.

Its not just about the way a boiler burns gas, new ERP boilers also save you money by only using the exact amount of gas required at any one time by carefully monitoring the demand.

The burner cycle  can also held off with up to date weather compensation controllers.

These stop the boiler coming on as much or at all if the weather outside is warmer than usual for the time of year.

I could ramble on about this all day, but in short if you are in charge of a commercial building and are looking to cut your gas consumption please call us.

I would be happy to carry out a free survey of your current commercial boiler Installation and provide you with a system design tailored to suit the type of building and your business needs.

Dean Dawe MD


Bathroom design service using 3D CAD software

We are pleased to announce that as part of our bathroom design service we can now  offer 3D Cad images.

When designing your new bathroom these images can really help visualise how it will look on completion and  aid the decision making process and prevent any design mishaps.

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom soon please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We offer a complete bathroom service with all the relevant trades covered so you can concentrate on styling your new bathroom exactly how you want it.

More info on the site about how our bathroom service works here

We operate our free bathroom design service in Sevenoaks, Bromley, Dartford and surrounding areas.

Our bathroom design service is still free, so what are you waiting for !

Are old boilers safe?

It’s a good question and the answer is mostly yes, as long as they are serviced regularly and have been well maintained through their life.
Although as a company we are very much in favor of trying to give you the most efficient option in your property. This usually involves fitting the latest condensing boilers and smart controls.

However we also understand that money is tight out there and budgets don’t always stretch to a new boiler when you would ideally like one. Therefore it’s important that you know, we don’t mind keeping the oldies going.

With a bit of tlc we can usually coax a bit more life out of an old boiler as long as parts are still available.
As long as the boiler passes all our safety tests we are more then happy to continue maintaining older boilers until they finally give up the ghost.
Whether it’s cost effective to do so is another matter, but we’ll always give you the options. Here’s a fine example of a Gloworm fuel saver Mk2 which is in the house I have just moved into. Burning with a nice blue flame and is 26 years old!

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Wood burner installation in Sevenoaks.

If you live in an area where there is no mains gas or maybe you have an oil boiler system which is coming to the end of its life. It’s time to think outside the box a little!

With the ever increasing cost of energy and more evidence to prove humans are ruining the planet with CO2, we feel it’s important to understand all the renewable options available when customers are looking to upgrade their boiler system.

This post is predominately about utilising a wood burner for hot water and radiators as well as just the wood burner air space.

But, on a more general note, we would like to make the point that we can offer you all the options and the free advice you need when natural gas is not available.


The wood burner installation that we completed in Sevenoaks in November shown in the photos below; is a prime example of we what we can design for you.

The property developer client bought a bungalow and came to us asking for a hot water and heating solution. They wanted the most cost effective way to enable them to turn the property around and stay on budget with the renovation. Because the property was in the middle of a field there was no mains, gas oil or LPG and they didn’t necessarily want to have the eye sore of an Oil or LPG tank in the back garden. Solar panels would not work financially because they would not be living there to see the payback. All we therefore had left to work with was electricity and a plentiful supply of seasoned logs!


The answer to this conundrum was a 14KW wood boiler with a clip on back boiler connected to a Gledhill Torrent  ECO OV.

In the ideal situation, the Torrent ECO OV utilises inputs from the wood burner as it’s primary energy source. The Torrent ECO only reverts to a 12 Kw electric boiler when the wood burner is not in use or not keeping up with demand.

The sweet spot with this particular installation was to have the electric boiler timed to come on at the times hot water is crucial; or when it’s not convenient to light the wood burner, such as first thing in the morning.

This wood burner Installation in Sevenoaks provides the entire hot water supply and radiators without the need for any electricity at all; apart from the minimum current flow of the heating controls and pump.

Of course, the electric boiler can be timed to come on to suit the house holders keenness to use the wood burner regularly as the primary heat source, but the main aim had been achieved.

When the radiators are called for a circulating pump is activated drawing thermal store water away from the cylinder towards the radiators providing more work for the wood burner to do.

The Torrent ECO OV provides high-performance mains pressure hot water via the plate heat exchanger all the time the thermal store temperature is maintained above 55 deg C. This is monitored with cylinder and pipe thermostats.

This a bespoke system, but works well and we have installed this in over 10 properties to date; where options were limited.

If I’ve confused you, have a look at the link below which has a little You tube video/


Contact us on 01322 227001 for a free survey of your property to discuss all your possible options.

Here at Cloverleaf we feel the weight of responsibility to lower CO2 and we would like to pass this knowledge on to you, advising you of the available Eco friendly options where ever possible.


Emergency callout in Mitcham

Someone drilled though 15mm speed-fit elbow and left filling loop open to the max!

This is what we are dealing with…

Want to try something a bit different?

Why not mix traditional ambiance with a designer look by installing a raw metal column radiator to your living space.

This ever popular and exciting finish leaves the factory  bare metal with only a lacquered finish to prevent corrosion.

We think these radiators really stand out and add a focal point to any room.  It’s possible to have a retro, almost industrial look, whilst still staying understated and traditional, the bare metal radiator manages it!

The other massive bonus with column radiators is the ability to achieve higher BTU outputs from much less wall space than a compact radiator. This is achieved with a column rad by adding columns to make the radiator much deeper than a standard radiator. This is particularly useful when you’re trying to cut down on the amount of radiators in a room to clear wall space.

For example, in my own house I have removed four standard radiators in my lounge / dining room and replaced them with two four column radiators at each end of the ground floor where no furniture could fit anyway.

They look great and kick out some serious BTUs!

Column radiators also work particularly well in alcoves and bay windows where the depth of a radiator is less of an issue.

If bare metal radiators are for you, or you are thinking about heating your house in a slightly less conventional manor let us help you!

Please contact us through the site and either myself or one of my team will happily come to your property free of charge to work out the BTUs required and talk through all your possible radiator options.

Please click here for more bare metal radiator examples.

Hopefully hear from you very soon, have a lovely Christmas !


Managing Director.