Is Cloverleaf managing Corona virus?

At this very scary and uncertain Corona Virus time. We would like to let all our customers know we have put procedures in place to come into line with the current government advice!

This means we are still here during Corona Virus to answer your calls and respond to emails.

Our office team are working from home but we have a modern phone system which allows us to transfer calls to each other as if we were still in the office.
There should be no noticeable difference felt from the customers perspective, we are still here working.

With regards to our large on site work this continues where there is no risk of coming into contact with other workers or groups of people.
We are either on very sparsely populated building sites or totally empty buildings.

Every precaution is being taken to not contract the virus or pass it on.

With regards to our call our work, please feel free to call us with your issues.

Please be reassured we are taking call out work on a case by case basis and trying to help as many people as we can over the phone.
We are only sending engineers out in the most urgent cases and when we do ensuring that we sterile hands before we enter and once we leave.
We are also equipped with masks and gloves. We will be taking this situation extremely seriously and the health and well being of at risk and vulnerable people is our main concern.

Whilst all this madness is going on, if you need a new boiler quote, why not give our new Boiler Wizard Tool a try.

It’s a 10 step process which will guide you through taking a set of photographs which will not require a site visit so Corona virus friendly.

It takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete the form.

Once submitted  we can provided a detailed and accurate quote to you email box within 24 hours.

Due to the very uncharted territory we are in, we will happily honor this quote for 12 months so plenty of time to come out the other side of this health crisis and get back to some sort of normality.

Let’s all try and do our bit to prevent the country going into lock down!

From all the staff at Cloverleaf, stay fit for as long as possible and we will do the same.
For the unfortunate people that have already got the dreaded Covid 19, we wish you a speedy recovery and just hope we can all see the back of this horrible virus as soon as possible.