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Underfloor Heating Installation in Kent: Case Study

Underfloor heating really is the future!

At the end of last year, we were contacted by Border Oak, one of our regular clients who build bespoke oak framed houses. One of their clients had requested this heating in their beautiful new home and so Border Oak got in touch with us. This particular project was in the lovely village of Sissinghurst in deepest, darkest Kent.

Installing underfloor heating in new build properties is an absolute no brainer! We get a lovely empty space to work in and there’s no upheaval for the homeowner. Plus the floor is prepared as part of the build. That means no additional stripping out or building works involved, which keeps the cost down.

What are the benefits of underfloor heating?

Its Important to mention there are two types, electric and water-based. We are talking about water-based systems because that’s what we fit.

  • Running costs: Cheaper to run than radiators due to the lower operating temperates required.
  • Versatility: Can be powered by a gas boiler very efficiently but ground source and air source heat pump technology are also a great match due to the lower flow temperature required. This means you do not need to be on mains gas to have wet underfloor heating.
  • Efficiency: Very efficient way to heat your home. Radiators heat the air around them but underfloor heating warms the entire floor surface, creating an even and ambient temperature throughout the space.
  • Aesthitics: Lets be honest, not all radiators are pretty. Underfloor heating can easily be designed to heat the entire space without the need for back up radiators at all. Leaving more wall space for what ever you choose.

We fit the systems, leaving them under pressure at 10 bar while the screed is laid. This allows a small expansion gap for the pipe to expand in the screed without causing cracking. Then it’s time for the flooring specialists to come and advise on the best floor surface for your room.

If you would like more information on underfloor heating, please read our post on Underfloor vs Radiators in the Knowledge Centre or call us for a free non obligation quotation which will include free design and consultation.

There’s no doubt this is the future, especially in new build properties.

– Dean Dawe

Underfloor Heating installation

Working our way through installing the Underfloor Heating.


underfloor heating installation

Making sure every inch of the floor is covered.



The very orderly water fed pipes.


 new build property

Perfect Underfloor Heating project – a new build!