Solar Thermal Installation in Sittingbourne

Solar Thermal Installation completed by Cloverleaf for The Sittingbourne School

We completed a solar thermal installation at The Sittingbourne School recently following a phone call from Glen Baker Roofing.

The school were under pressure to get two flat roofs replaced before the school opened back up. Their solar thermal panels were conveniently in their way!

Cloverleaf were happy to assist as we have plenty of experience in this department.

The panels were decommissioned, safely stored and re-fitted once the roofs were completed in the nick of time.

As is so often the case with solar thermal due to being out of sight, we found them in a very sad state. After a full overhaul they were salvaged and brought back to life making a substantial 40% contribution to the schools hot water demands.

Fitting solar thermal onto A Frames is a very efficient way of capturing solar energy. This is due to not having to compromise on the direction of panel or the inclination of panel to the sun, which are both factors to consider when fitting solar panels to a pitch roof.

For more information on how you can use that big red ball of energy in the sky to heat your hot water contact us now!