Why Do I Need A Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

Around 1.1 million gas jobs are carried out every year by illegal fitters

A study by Gas Safe Register found that over 186,000 gas cookers, 147,000 boilers, 75,000 gas fires, 32,000 gas meters and 645,000 gas pipework have been installed by illegal engineers just in the last year.

If an engineer isn’t gas safe registered, they are NOT properly qualified. If gas appliances are not properly installed and maintained, there is a danger of fire, explosion, gas leaks and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

The consequences of relying on an unregistered engineer can be deadly, and yet 16% of people would trust an engineer without checking their ID card.

To keep you and your family safe, always employ a Gas Safe registered engineer. They will always carry a Gas Safe ID card which will include their unique licence number. The back of the card will also show which gas appliances they are qualified to work on.

All of our engineers working on gas are registered with Gas Safe.