Commercial Boiler Installation Greenhithe

We were approached at the end of last year by Belmont Healthcare who own and manage residential care homes throughout the south of England.

They are very good at looking after patients suffering from dementia or other brain related illnesses and specialize in turning around failing care homes.

Our first project with them was to design and install a new boiler system to replace the aging Keston boilers which had past their sell by date on Greenhithe site.

They also had many other issues related to radiators not heating fully and not having proper control of the heating zones.

We removed this mess and replaced with two Vaillant ecoTEC boilers mated to Vaillant’s plate heat exchanger. This provides separation from the aging heating system and avoids any debris in the radiators entering the boilers and causing reliability issues.

We then used Vaillant VRC 700 along side VR70 and VR71 control modules which wire into all the existing heating and hot water zones to provide total control and automation of all zones.

The weather compensation cleverly detects when the outside temperature is warmer and the controller reduces the flow temperature of the boilers according, saving hundreds of pounds every year on gas!

This is a very basic Vaillant boiler commercial setup, however it was just what the client was looking for in this instance as cost of installation was also a big factor in us winning the job.

We are now surveying two other care homes on the south coast for Belmont Healthcare and looking for smart ways we can save the client big money on fuel bills on those sites as well!



This is what we do in a nut shell, look for cunning ways to save energy and in turn save you money!

If you have any sort of installation where you feel you are paying over the top on your fuel bills I’m sure there is a way we can assist, please contact us today.