Worcester Boiler

Combi Boiler To System Boiler – Tunbridge Wells

We recently converted a combi boiler system over to a system boiler/unvented cylinder configuration. To do this we used a Worcester Bosch Life 8000.

The reason we switch some customers from a combi to a system boiler is usually that we want to put another energy source into the cylinder. In this case we are adding solar thermal in the spring to maximise the benefits of the sun and reduce the gas consumption throughout the year for the client.

We can also achieve a higher flow rate from the hot tap through a cylinder. This is another good reason for switching from a combi boiler to an System boiler/unvented cylinder. This set-up is better suited to larger properties with multiply bathrooms.

In this case, we added a Stuart Turner Mains Booster to guarantee a good flow rate to all taps.

What makes the Worcester 8000 range the right choice for you?

  • Reputation – This boiler replaced the Greenstar CDI which was a reliable workhorse built to last!
  • Improved efficiency – with an ERP rating of 98.7% it certainly will save you money on gas consumption.
  • Modern design
  • Menu driven controls have meant the Life 8000 boilers are no longer an eyesore and can easily Integrate into a modern kitchen design.

If this is what you are looking for in your property please contact us today and we can arrange a free home consultation