Boiler Upgrade Scheme

£5000 towards your new Air Source Heat Pump with the Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

It is true that installing an Air Source Heat Pump is more expensive than replacing your boiler. This is the reason the government has introduced the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS). It is due to kick off in April to help subsidise the cost of Installing low carbon heating into your home.

This replaces the old ‘Renewable Heat‘ incentive which used to drip feed payments back to customers quarterly over 7 years. This new scheme will certainly encourage more ASHP enquiries. The £5000 voucher is issued right at the beginning meaning it reduces the outlay cost to the customer. The payback on your investment will come much sooner.

All this is subject to the Air Source Heat Pump system being designed and installed by a Certified MCS Installer, which of course we are.

Learn more about why you should always use a Certified MCS Installer by getting in contact today.