Electric Boiler Installation Dartford

Recently we have found electric boilers are becoming a more viable option to a gas boiler.

We completed an electric boiler installation in Dartford where we converted from the original gas boiler which had become unreliable and uneconomical to repair.

The customer had a flue that ran through the ceiling of the entire flat. In order to replace the boiler and the flue meant that the ceilings would need to be taken down, not to mention all the flue hatches that needed cutting back in to meet the flues in voids regulations after the ceiling was replaced!

The customer agreed that this was too much disruption and opted for an electric boiler/ unvented cylinder conversion.

The customer did not need gas elsewhere in the flat as her hob was electric. By fitting an electric boiler has left her with one bill and one standing charge.

Also switching to a green utility company gave her very good rates from a totally renewable energy source.

As you can see from the photo it’s nice and compact as well as low maintenance.

Couple this with a smart thermostat and some thermostatic radiator valves makes total sense in well-insulated properties.

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