Oil Boiler in Sevenoakes

Oil Combination Boiler In Sevenoaks

A recent oil combination boiler in Sevenoaks kept Dan and Dylan busy last week.

Unbelievably they managed to fit the Warmflow oil combination oil boiler in this tiny cupboard which was very skilfully executed indeed.

Here at Cloverleaf, we pride ourselves on trying to find the greenest solution.

For this customer, an air source heat pump would have been too costly to run due to the poor insulation values of the house.

An Oil Combination Boiler was the best solution

There was no natural gas or LPG on-site and electric would cost an arm and a leg. Due to this, we opted for the most efficient combination boiler we could find.

In fact, Warmflow’s professional range is the only AAA-rated oil boiler currently for sale in the UK.










Paired to a Google Nest smart thermostat we feel this is the best possible green option for the customer.

In the future, we will be pairing this oil combination boiler with some solar thermal which of course is not held back by insulation values.

Just a nice south-facing roof and some sunshine will do the trick. Helping again to cut down the oil usage and reduce fossil fuel output.

If you’re interested in getting some form of renewable energy on your house to reduce energy bills please enquire now using the contact form, we can advise you for free.