You’re 10 steps away

from your new boiler quote…

Our boiler quote wizard has been designed for busy people who are looking for an accurate boiler quotation, without the disruption of a home survey.

Even though our Boiler Quote Wizard is magic, we understand that technology is not for everyone so it does not supersede our free home consultation service in any way, it’s just a fast track way of getting a boiler quote to you.

If you would still prefer to arrange a have a face to face quotation we would be more than happy to visit you.

It’s quick, efficient and accurate! We are one of the few boiler companies that can produce an accurate boiler quotation (which we will honour) without a site survey.

Our tool has been designed specifically for boilers which are not moving location.

If you are thinking of moving the boiler elsewhere in the property, it’s far better to opt for our home survey option.

This is due to the amount of factors affecting re-siting a boiler. To mention just a few: fluing, ventilation, boiler clearances, proximity to gas meters, floor surfaces, working at height, roofing, electrics, the list goes on.

Our reputation in business has been built on giving customers the right advice and spending the necessary time in your property to help make the right decisions with all things plumbing.

Because there’s always an amount of guess work in giving more involved boiler quotes remotely we do not feel comfortable doing this and would prefer to come and see you.

If you fit into this category we would obviously love to hear from you but please use the contact form on the site.

What you will you need to complete the boiler quote…

  • A Smart Phone

    To Take Some Photos

  • A Measuring Jug

    To Calculate Flow Rate

  • Some Daylight

    For Good Visibility

  • 10 Minutes

    To Complete The Wizard

Please complete the 10 steps required, which should take no longer than 10 minutes. Once you’ve submitted your information we will respond by email with a fully detailed quotation within 24 hours.

We will honour this quotation for up to 3 months

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