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Underfloor Heating Installation – Orpington

Another underfloor heating project is underway using Wunda Group’s Wundatherm system.

So what is Wundertherm underfloor heating and what are the benefits over a traditional in screed system?

Wundatherm underfloor heating is a range of over floor heating boards developed to retro fit straight over the top of an existing floor surface. This means no… Read more

Underfloor Heating Design Tips

We recently completed another underfloor heating project in Orpington, so we compiled some underfloor heating design tips for you.

Looks nice and simple, doesn’t it? Just run some loops of pipe across the floor equally spaced apart and fill with water Wrong!

There’s a bit more to it than that, which is why this job has prompted me to write this post and share my … Read more

Underfloor Heating Installation in Kent: Case Study

Underfloor heating really is the future!

At the end of last year, we were contacted by Border Oak, one of our regular clients who build bespoke oak framed houses. One of their clients had requested this heating in their beautiful new home and so Border Oak got in touch with us. This particular project was in the lovely village of Sissinghurst in deepest, darkest… Read more

Bickley Underfloor Heating

We fitted wet underfloor heating in a new extension in Bickley for one of our builders. This is very cost effective as it can be designed in reducing installation cost. It’s also  a lot neater with no rads on the wall and can be controlled completely separately from the other heating in the house.