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Will A Heat Pump Save Money?

Will a heat pump save money?

A lot of customers ask the question can a heat pump save money? and the simple answer is yes! Due to the dramatic rise in wholesale gas and oil and despite government intervention, energy prices will likely continue heading skyward over the next few years.

Understandably people are becoming increasingly concerned about their energy… Read more

Here’s A Vaillant Blast From The Past!

On a one-day visit to the state of the art Vaillant training centre in Aylesford, we were reminded of where it all started for the Combi Boiler back in 1894!

Now a museum piece of course, but what amazing innovation for that era!

To think the Combi Boiler was actually invented this long ago is quite a shock to most people.

Here’s a little bit of history if you’re interested… Read more

Mega Flow Project – Hartley

Recently we completed a Mega Flow System in Hartley.

One of our existing customers moved into a new property and came to us for advice on a new Vaillant Mega Flow system.

Due to the age and condition of the existing system, there was really no salvaging any part of it. We agreed on moving all the components to the garage.

This left behind extra storage space in the kitchen… Read more