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Can I Fit Solar Panels To My Combi Boiler?

Can I fit solar panels to my Combi boiler?

A question we get asked a lot and especially right now when gas prices are increasing at a worrying rate of knots is “Can I fit solar panels to my combi boiler?”

And the answer is a resounding Yes! and we are already combining solar thermal with Combi boilers very successfully all over Kent and the southeast.… Read more

Oil Combination Boiler In Sevenoaks

A recent oil combination boiler in Sevenoaks kept Dan and Dylan busy last week.

Unbelievably they managed to fit the Warmflow oil combination oil boiler in this tiny cupboard which was very skilfully executed indeed.

Here at Cloverleaf, we pride ourselves on trying to find the greenest solution.

For this customer, an air source heat pump would have been too … Read more

Solar Thermal In London

May we Introduce Izack, our guru for Solar Thermal in London with tons of solar thermal experience.

Solar Thermal in London is still quite rare but is becoming more popular due to the ever-increasing gas prices.

We are currently undertaking this solar thermal installation in Golders Green.

Most of the flat roof was dedicated to PV but we were granted a small patch… Read more

How Do You Stop Solar Thermal Overheating?

A question we get quizzed on when designing solar thermal is how do you stop solar thermal overheating?

This is an interesting challenge when designing solar thermal as you cannot turn off the sun. Another challenge is hot water as it is not always needed when the sun is at its strongest.

The best example of this would be a working family where the adults are out during

Read more

Solar Thermal Installation – London Case Study

Here at Cloverleaf, we are always looking for innovative ways to sneak some form of renewable energy/solar thermal onto your property.

On this particular property, the client was insistent on having solar thermal. This was mainly driven by the clients environmental and climate-conscious mindset. Also having two teenagers and two adults in the property … Read more

Solar Thermal Installation in Sittingbourne

Solar Thermal Installation completed by Cloverleaf for The Sittingbourne School

We completed a solar thermal installation at The Sittingbourne School recently following a phone call from Glen Baker Roofing.

The school were under pressure to get two flat roofs replaced before the school opened back up. Their solar thermal panels were conveniently in their… Read more

Shifting Thermal Energy, Generating & Storing

Shifting Thermal Energy, Generating & Storing

Click here or see below, for a great piece from the Fully Charged team!

In their fourth episode of the new Home Series they look at how generating, storing & shifting thermal energy can help save money and decarbonise your home.

If you would like to talk to us about solar thermal to reduce the carbon footprint… Read more