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Increased Air Source Heat Pumps Grant

Increased Heat Pumps Grant

From Monday 23 October 2023, installers will be able to apply for the new increased heat pumps grant amount of £7,500.

All this is subject to the air source heat pump system being designed and installed by a Certified MCS Installer, (Microgeneration Certification Scheme), which of course we are.

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How much do Air Source Heat Pumps cost in 2023?

In the long term, Air source heat pumps cost less

Initially, Air source heat pumps cost around £10,000 at first, although as with most long-term investments for your home, you have to spend your hard-earned cash up front to make a difference for the future.

However, once you’re up and running a typical air source heat pump owner can expect to cut their emissions… Read more

Why we use Vaillant Air Source Heat Pumps

Customers often ask “Why we use Vaillant Air Source Heat Pumps?”

Vaillant Air Source Heat Pumps are one of the most trusted heat pump brands available on the market, reliable German technology delivering exceptional efficiency and performance with an award-wining and unrivalled range of air source, ground source and hybrid heat pumps.

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Landlords and Estate Agents Offer.


Instruct us with 10 boiler service or landlord certificates to receive a 10% discount on the standard charge per boiler for all ten.

Please note: The postcode where the properties are located can have an affect on the standard charge.

See our company charges page for more details.

Sydenham High School Job

We’ve been busy boys during the school holiday working with our building partners- Rixon and Rixon. We helped remodel the design and technology block at Sydenham high school. The finished product looks great and hope the kids enjoy it !20140909-225839-82719081.jpg


Bickley Underfloor Heating

We fitted wet underfloor heating in a new extension in Bickley for one of our builders. This is very cost effective as it can be designed in reducing installation cost. It’s also  a lot neater with no rads on the wall and can be controlled completely separately from the other heating in the house.