Wood burner installation in Sevenoaks.

If you live in an area where there is no mains gas or maybe you have an oil boiler system which is coming to the end of its life. It’s time to think outside the box a little!

With the ever increasing cost of energy and more evidence to prove humans are ruining the planet with CO2, we feel it’s important to understand all the renewable options available when customers are looking to upgrade their boiler system.

This post is predominately about utilising a wood burner for hot water and radiators as well as just the wood burner air space.

But, on a more general note, we would like to make the point that we can offer you all the options and the free advice you need when natural gas is not available.


The wood burner installation that we completed in Sevenoaks in November shown in the photos below; is a prime example of we what we can design for you.

The property developer client bought a bungalow and came to us asking for a hot water and heating solution. They wanted the most cost effective way to enable them to turn the property around and stay on budget with the renovation. Because the property was in the middle of a field there was no mains, gas oil or LPG and they didn’t necessarily want to have the eye sore of an Oil or LPG tank in the back garden. Solar panels would not work financially because they would not be living there to see the payback. All we therefore had left to work with was electricity and a plentiful supply of seasoned logs!


The answer to this conundrum was a 14KW wood boiler with a clip on back boiler connected to a Gledhill Torrent  ECO OV.

In the ideal situation, the Torrent ECO OV utilises inputs from the wood burner as it’s primary energy source. The Torrent ECO only reverts to a 12 Kw electric boiler when the wood burner is not in use or not keeping up with demand.

The sweet spot with this particular installation was to have the electric boiler timed to come on at the times hot water is crucial; or when it’s not convenient to light the wood burner, such as first thing in the morning.

This wood burner Installation in Sevenoaks provides the entire hot water supply and radiators without the need for any electricity at all; apart from the minimum current flow of the heating controls and pump.

Of course, the electric boiler can be timed to come on to suit the house holders keenness to use the wood burner regularly as the primary heat source, but the main aim had been achieved.

When the radiators are called for a circulating pump is activated drawing thermal store water away from the cylinder towards the radiators providing more work for the wood burner to do.

The Torrent ECO OV provides high-performance mains pressure hot water via the plate heat exchanger all the time the thermal store temperature is maintained above 55 deg C. This is monitored with cylinder and pipe thermostats.

This a bespoke system, but works well and we have installed this in over 10 properties to date; where options were limited.

If I’ve confused you, have a look at the link below which has a little You tube video/


Contact us on 01322 227001 for a free survey of your property to discuss all your possible options.

Here at Cloverleaf we feel the weight of responsibility to lower CO2 and we would like to pass this knowledge on to you, advising you of the available Eco friendly options where ever possible.