Want to try something a bit different?

Why not mix traditional ambiance with a designer look by installing a raw metal column radiator to your living space.

This ever popular and exciting finish leaves the factory  bare metal with only a lacquered finish to prevent corrosion.

We think these radiators really stand out and add a focal point to any room.  It’s possible to have a retro, almost industrial look, whilst still staying understated and traditional, the bare metal radiator manages it!

The other massive bonus with column radiators is the ability to achieve higher BTU outputs from much less wall space than a compact radiator. This is achieved with a column rad by adding columns to make the radiator much deeper than a standard radiator. This is particularly useful when you’re trying to cut down on the amount of radiators in a room to clear wall space.

For example, in my own house I have removed four standard radiators in my lounge / dining room and replaced them with two four column radiators at each end of the ground floor where no furniture could fit anyway.

They look great and kick out some serious BTUs!

Column radiators also work particularly well in alcoves and bay windows where the depth of a radiator is less of an issue.

If bare metal radiators are for you, or you are thinking about heating your house in a slightly less conventional manor let us help you!

Please contact us through the site and either myself or one of my team will happily come to your property free of charge to work out the BTUs required and talk through all your possible radiator options.

Please click here for more bare metal radiator examples.

Hopefully hear from you very soon, have a lovely Christmas !


Managing Director.