Noisy Boiler ! Radiators not heating up? Power flushing explained!

One of our most common phone calls is complaints of radiators not heating efficiently or cold spots.

Once a radiator does not heat to its optimum temperature or conduct fully through it’s entire length it will not heat the space effectively.

This is usually a result of sludge or corrosion deposits built up over years of having insufficient corrosion inhibitor in the system and/or  lack of the correct flushing procedure being followed  when new boilers are fitted.

Do not fear! In most cases power flushing is the solution.

Using the latest Kamco CF 90 Quantum 2, our aim is to restore circulation by flushing out dirty radiators and collecting the debris in two ultra strong magnetic filters.

Power flushing diagram

Power flushing diagram

At the moment our standard flushing charge is £400 PLus VAT which is very competitive. This is for up to 8 radiators and includes neutralizing the

sludge removing chemicals and adding corrosion inhibitor at the end of the process.

Please see link below to the Kamco website which explains this in more detail.

If you feel you would benefit from this service please contact us and we’ll come to you and  carry out a FREE survey to access your current system.

If we feel that power flushing will not make a significant improvement to the efficiency of your heating system and its a totally different Issue then obviously we will advise against it. We will only go down this route if we feel you’ll get value for money out of the power flushing service.