Electric boiler Installation in Kent with Log burner!

How would you heat your home if you lived in the middle of the woods and have no gas, oil or Propane as fuel ?

Answer : Electric  boiler and log burner working in perfect harmony!

This was a recent challenge set by one of our new clients responding to an underfloor heating post I did a few months ago.

He bought a run down cottage in Great Buckland and wanted a versatile  system which could offer quick response heating and hot water but also utilise the heat from a log burner.

We chose a Gledhill Torrent OV thermal store combine with a Heatrae Sadia Amtec 12kw.


Essentially the underfloor heating, radiators and hot water can all be heated by the wood burner when time is not

pressing, but we have set it up for the best of both world.

When used correctly the Electric boiler is timed to heat the store to temperature in the morning and heat from the store is drawn off as and when other circuits call for demand.

When they are at home in the evening the electric boiler is not timed to come on automatically so that the log burner has some work to do, his saves hundreds of pounds a year on electricity.

If anyone out there has a similar problem and wants advice on alternative ways of heating  when mains gas is not available please call us and we will design a bespoke system to suit your needs.