Worcester Bosch 0% Interest Combi Boiler Deal

Sometimes boilers reach the end of their useful life or are uneconomical to repair

The law of sod dictates that your boiler goes down at just the wrong time! Possibly when finances are stretched to the max with the day to day expense of family life.

We understand this, and working with Worcester Bosch, have come up with our cheapest combi boiler swap with examples below of how you could split the payments over 10 months inter-steels free.

You can put down any deposit and the rest of the payments are equally divided into ten.

The example below is our current special offer to show a real life example, but the same process can be implemented on any value of money as long as we are fitting a Worcester boiler.

This means you could use the finance for a complete heating system or a complete overhaul of boiler and controls!

Worcester Bosch 25i Combination Boiler ERP for £2325 inc VAT


This offer includes:

  • Boiler
  • Standard Flue Kit
  • System Filter 22mm
  • Boiler Plus Compliant Honeywell Wireless Programmable Digital Room Thermostat 
  • Pipework And Fittings
  • Inhibitor
  • Building Regulations Compliance Certificate
  • 10 Year Warranty

Representative example:

Total Cash Price of Goods and Services  £ 2,325.00

Advance Payment (Deposit)                      £ 0

Loan Advance                                              £ 2,325.00

Duration of Loan                                        10 Months

Monthly Repayment                                   £ 232.50

Total Charge for Credit                               £ 0

Total Amount Payable                                £ 2,325.00

APR                                                                0%

The check your eligibility for the finance please click here

…or to take advantage of this latest offer please get in touch now! 


Alpha Combination Boiler Deal !!

Alpha Evoke Deal !!

For a limited time only we are offering an amazing special offer.
The new Alpha Evoke 28kW combination boiler, supplied and fitted in your home for £1200 +VAT

Please read terms and conditions to ensure your current installation is eligible for the offer.

This offer includes:

  • Boiler
  • Standard Flue Kit
  • Boiler Plus Compliant 7 Day Thermostat
  • Materials
  • Inhibitor
  • Building Regulations Compliance Certificate
  • 6 Year Warranty

The Alpha Evoke key features!

Stainless steel heat exchanger

High efficiency Grundfos pump and hydroblock assembly

Single electrode

Easy-access dry-change NTCs

Combined condensate and pressure relief valve connection

Zinc plated expansion vessel to prevent corrosion

For more info click here

This offer is subject to the following conditions:

The boiler must replace an existing combination boiler in the same position.

The existing gas pipe  must be of adequate size to supply the new boiler.

The flue must already be a standard type on an outside wall, and not require any further accessories to meet regulations.

The central system heating system we are connecting to must be clean enough to not require a power flush.

If any further works or accessories are required, we can still give you the special offer price and add the extra items on the total price.

If interested use our contact form or call us on 0800 2851920