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Drinking water filter in cupboard

This customer wanted to purify their drinking water by adding this 2 stage filter into an unused kitchen base unit.
The pay back time on buying bottled every day is around 4 months.

Water logged Easter

Happy Easter from Cloverleaf! I would urge everyone to check the condition of their hot water cylinders. This poor lady was not so lucky over Easter. Her cylinder ruptured at 4am in the morning causing serious water damage to her property.


Magniclean Filter

Metal particles collected by a magniclean filter on an annual boiler service. Without one of this fitted these metal fragments would be entering the boiler, blocking up the heat exchanger and causing breakdowns.

Bickley Underfloor Heating

We fitted wet underfloor heating in a new extension in Bickley for one of our builders. This is very cost effective as it can be designed in reducing installation cost. It’s also  a lot neater with no rads on the wall and can be controlled completely separately from the other heating in the house.

Kensington Upgrade

This is a current project at a large domestic property in Kensington. Part of the work was To upgrade the heating system. We have installed two Vaillant commercial boilers and integrated the controls to optimise efficiency.

Best of Both Worlds

This is recent job in gillingham where we upgraded the hot water cylinder to an unvented/ mega flow type  in the loft. This freed up space in the airing cupboard for storage and retained  the original boiler to kept install cost down. This provided high pressure hot and cold water to bathrooms without the flow rate restrictions of a combi boiler.

Solar Roof

A recent solar installation.

Tricky Pipework

One of our engineers making a fine job.