Underfloor heating manifold

Underfloor heating is king!

Underfloor heating Sevenoaks

Traditional Under floor heating in Concrete Screed

We’re Installing a lot more underfloor heating recently, and for good reason.

The picture shows an entire ground floor we did recently which has been mapped out with a traditional  system. This is where the pipes are stapled to the insulation and then once pressurised a concrete screed is poured over the top, usually around 60mm.

The Main benefits of underfloor heating are:

1- No radiators taking up wall space.

2- More efficient to run  because the boiler does not need to heat the water to as high a temperature.

3- More even heat distribution which means higher comfort levels.

4- Much more suited to renewable energy sources.

Under floor heating should be a serious consideration if you are adding a room onto your house or extending. But now with the vast choice of over floor systems coming into the market you can now have underfloor heating just about anywhere.

Please call us if you are looking for a quote. We can design it for you free of charge and provide a complete supply and fit cost.