External Oil boiler Installation Shoreham

We recently completed an Oil boiler upgrade in Shoreham.

Keeping oil boilers outside in my view is always preferable.

Not only do you save space inside the property but also oil boilers can still have a slight smell of

fuel oil to them, which you certainly don’t want inside your home.

We were pleased with this Installation.

Using the latest Worcester Bosch Danesmore ERP model  combines the cheapest form of  fuel where no mains gas is available

with the most efficient burner.

Our client also has PV on the roof constantly generating power when the sun is out, providing plenty of free hot water

this time of year and lots of spare electricity to send back to the grid.

The oil boiler only really needs to kick in on very cloudy days and the winter months for heating the radiators.

If you live in a remote area with no mains gas please call us and we’ll happily provide you with all the relevant options

to suit your needs free of charge.