Special Offer! Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 825 Combi Boiler

The Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 825 is a high efficiency combination boiler and one of the most reliable gas boilers available in the UK. It’s more compact than your usual boiler, with no extra storage tanks or cylinders to take up extra space. Which is why it’s perfect for small flats and houses.

Supplied and fitted with standard flue, magnetic filter and 7 YEARS WARRANTY !

 £1,900 + VAT

If interested call  0800 285 1920

and state promo code:  59U7D23

This offer is subject to the following conditions:

The boiler must replace an existing combination boiler in the same position.

The existing gas pipe  must be of adequate size to supply the new boiler.

The flue must already be a standard type on an outside wall and not require any further accessories to meet regulations.

The central system heating system we are connecting  to must be clean enough to not require a power flush.

This boiler must connect onto your existing heating controls and if there isn’t any these can be provide at extra cost.

If any further works or accessories are required we can still give you the special offer price and add the extra items on the total price

Offer ends 31t JAN 2017