Are old boilers safe?

It’s a good question and the answer is mostly yes, as long as they are serviced regularly and have been well maintained through their life.
Although as a company we are very much in favor of trying to give you the most efficient option in your property. This usually involves fitting the latest condensing boilers and smart controls.

However we also understand that money is tight out there and budgets don’t always stretch to a new boiler when you would ideally like one. Therefore it’s important that you know, we don’t mind keeping the oldies going.

With a bit of tlc we can usually coax a bit more life out of an old boiler as long as parts are still available.
As long as the boiler passes all our safety tests we are more then happy to continue maintaining older boilers until they finally give up the ghost.
Whether it’s cost effective to do so is another matter, but we’ll always give you the options. Here’s a fine example of a Gloworm fuel saver Mk2 which is in the house I have just moved into. Burning with a nice blue flame and is 26 years old!

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