Oil boiler upgrade in Eynsford

This week whist pulling out a very decrypted oil boiler, Ben and Alex had a little surprise!

A giant rat has crawled in there and died. At least he was nice and warm!

Poor old Ben’s not used to all this country living.

External Oil boiler Installation Shoreham

We recently completed an Oil boiler upgrade in Shoreham.

Keeping oil boilers outside in my view is always preferable.

Not only do you save space inside the property but also oil boilers can still have a slight smell of

fuel oil to them, which you certainly don’t want inside your home.

We were pleased with this Installation.

Using the latest Worcester Bosch Danesmore ERP model  combines the cheapest form of  fuel where no mains gas is available

with the most efficient burner.

Our client also has PV on the roof constantly generating power when the sun is out, providing plenty of free hot water

this time of year and lots of spare electricity to send back to the grid.

The oil boiler only really needs to kick in on very cloudy days and the winter months for heating the radiators.

If you live in a remote area with no mains gas please call us and we’ll happily provide you with all the relevant options

to suit your needs free of charge.

New Bathrooms in Tooting

We recently finished this full house refurbishment with one of our builders- Bone and Bowler.

The house was completely re-plumbed from top to bottom. New heating system using the flag ship Vaillant Ecotec 838 and these two modern bathrooms. The En-suite with the freestanding bath is part of the loft conversion and the wet-room replaces the bathroom on the 1st floor. The customer is very pleased and so are we with the finished product.







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Plumbing in Plumstead

Kitchens and bathrooms at our Eglington Hill project are nearly finished and looking very modern in the contrasting grey.



JP contractors have done a fine job to turn a very tired looking Victorian terrace house into 5 stunning flats!

Looking forward to the next project now guys …

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Are old boilers safe?

It’s a good question and the answer is mostly yes, as long as they are serviced regularly and have been well maintained through their life.
Although as a company we are very much in favor of trying to give you the most efficient option in your property. This usually involves fitting the latest condensing boilers and smart controls.

However we also understand that money is tight out there and budgets don’t always stretch to a new boiler when you would ideally like one. Therefore it’s important that you know, we don’t mind keeping the oldies going.

With a bit of tlc we can usually coax a bit more life out of an old boiler as long as parts are still available.
As long as the boiler passes all our safety tests we are more then happy to continue maintaining older boilers until they finally give up the ghost.
Whether it’s cost effective to do so is another matter, but we’ll always give you the options. Here’s a fine example of a Gloworm fuel saver Mk2 which is in the house I have just moved into. Burning with a nice blue flame and is 26 years old!

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Immediately dangerous Swimming pool boiler!


This week we were called out to service a swimming pool boiler, but ended up capping of the gas supply! Water ingress from the flue had corroded the heat exchanger and rotted the pilot assembly.The result of this meant the flue gases did not have a pathway to escape out of the flue. Flue gases were instead filling the room and causing unsatisfactory levels of carbon monoxide to build up. Luckily this occurred in a pool house rather than inside a clients property.

If you still have an old floor standing boiler which hasn’t been serviced for a while, please call us to get it checked. Older opened flue boilers such as back boilers require more attention when servicing due to the dangers of flue gases spilling into the room.

Contact us now for free advice  : 01322 227001 

Combination boiler deal !!!


For a limited time only we are offering an amazing special offer.
The new Alpha Evoke combination boiler, supplied and fitted in your home from £1500 ALL IN!

Please read terms and conditions to ensure your current installation is eligible for the offer.
This is an amazing deal and will only be available until the 30th September 2017.

We will throw in, free of charge, a cyclone magnetic filter worth £100 and a 6 year warranty!

Deal 1  Alpha Evoke 28kW –  £1500.00

Deal 2 Alpha Evoke 33kW  – £1600.00

This offer is subject to the following conditions:

The boiler must replace an existing combination boiler in the same position.

The existing gas pipe  must be of adequate size to supply the new boiler.

The flue must already be a standard type on an outside wall, and not require any further accessories to meet regulations.

The central system heating system we are connecting to must be clean enough to not require a power flush.

This boiler must connect onto your existing heating controls, and if there aren’t any, these can be provide at extra cost.

If any further works or accessories are required, we can still give you the special offer price and add the extra items on the total price.

Catch it while you can, these offer are not available during the winter months.

Please call  01322 227001 or fill out a contact form through the website.

Jobs from hell- Someone’s used a door handle.

Someone’s used a door handle for a flush lever. What ever next!

Changing your cooking appliances can breath new life into your kitchen. Hob and Oven upgrade in Orpington.

Before and after pictures of a recent hob and oven upgrade in Orpington.
Changing your cooking appliances can breathe new life into your kitchen.

But before you order your new smart looking appliances please remember to call us out first to check the electrical supply and or gas supply termination.

This will avoid inconvenience further down the line should we find something wrong on the day we are installing.
The power output of electric ovens and Hobs can vary dramatically so it’s worth checking everything out first.

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Plumbing in Plumstead

We are currently working with JP Construction to convert a very tired looking Victorian
terrace house into 5 luxury flats.
Very early days so more pictures to come once we make some progress inside.
Call us now if you have any projects similar to this and we can provide you with
our recommended builders contact details.

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