Plumbing jobs from hell, when things go bad in the world of cowboy plumbers…

Crazy vertical flue termination.

Needless to say that vertical flues are not supposed to come out of the roof at this angle!

Or at this length for that matter!

It never ceases to amaze me the cowboy work still out there day to day !

Oil boiler upgrade in Eynsford

This week whist pulling out a very decrypted oil boiler, Ben and Alex had a little surprise!

A giant rat has crawled in there and died. At least he was nice and warm!

Poor old Ben’s not used to all this country living.

Are old boilers safe?

It’s a good question and the answer is mostly yes, as long as they are serviced regularly and have been well maintained through their life.
Although as a company we are very much in favor of trying to give you the most efficient option in your property. This usually involves fitting the latest condensing boilers and smart controls.

However we also understand that money is tight out there and budgets don’t always stretch to a new boiler when you would ideally like one. Therefore it’s important that you know, we don’t mind keeping the oldies going.

With a bit of tlc we can usually coax a bit more life out of an old boiler as long as parts are still available.
As long as the boiler passes all our safety tests we are more then happy to continue maintaining older boilers until they finally give up the ghost.
Whether it’s cost effective to do so is another matter, but we’ll always give you the options. Here’s a fine example of a Gloworm fuel saver Mk2 which is in the house I have just moved into. Burning with a nice blue flame and is 26 years old!

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Immediately dangerous Swimming pool boiler!


This week we were called out to service a swimming pool boiler, but ended up capping of the gas supply! Water ingress from the flue had corroded the heat exchanger and rotted the pilot assembly.The result of this meant the flue gases did not have a pathway to escape out of the flue. Flue gases were instead filling the room and causing unsatisfactory levels of carbon monoxide to build up. Luckily this occurred in a pool house rather than inside a clients property.

If you still have an old floor standing boiler which hasn’t been serviced for a while, please call us to get it checked. Older opened flue boilers such as back boilers require more attention when servicing due to the dangers of flue gases spilling into the room.

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Jobs from hell- Someone’s used a door handle.

Someone’s used a door handle for a flush lever. What ever next!

Cowboy Tiling

Before you choose a company to refurbish your bathroom get personal recommendations.

I went round to see a customer and the tiling work was so terrible it looked like the guy who done the job had never done it before in his life. I’m shocked that people like this are still out there working in peoples houses. It’s taken him 3 weeks to get to this stage.

L2 Fault Code On Ideal Boiler

We attended a call out to an Ideal Independent locking out with an alternating L2 fault code

One of the possible reasons for this is a poorly fitted or faulty flue installation.
In this case the flue terminal had been knocked completely off by a lorry! Not something you see everyday but worth checking your flue periodically. This is also something we’d pick up on an annual boiler service.

Innovative Use Of a Toilet System

This is a first for me!

Pricing up a new combi boiler system I found this…
Someone has used a toilet cistern as a heating header tank! What ever next, I suppose you could call it recycling!

Cold Water Tank Ready To Burst!

It’s always a shock when you poke your head into somebody’s loft and find something like this.

If you still have a conventional plumbing system with a cold water cistern, always check the integrity of the tank periodically.
If you would like one of  our team to jump up into the loft to check the tank while we are round addressing another issue, please just ask and we’ll be happy to check it for you.
If you no longer want the worry of cold water tanks in the loft please contact us at your earliest convenience to arrange free survey to check suitability for a combination boiler conversion.

Fire Damaged Boiler

This boiler set fire to itself due to lack of maintenance

It is very important when servicing to ensure the combustion gasket is replaced at the very minimum every 4 years, or, whenever the combustion chamber is taken apart.
In this case we managed and replaced all the fire damaged components, wiring loom and reinstated the boiler back to full working order.
A lucky escape this time but we have had similar circumstances before with leaking combustion gaskets which had cases irreparable damage to the boiler.
Don’t take the chance, it should be checked on every service!